Tom and Ketti discovered SLF#15 and took him/her home to live with them in beautiful harmony. Apparently, the new friend loves Vierne organ symphonies. Who knew?!

SLF #15 in Philadelphia, 19102

SPL #15

Thank you, Ketti and Tom!




Independents Jelly, Part One

September 14, 2012

Spineless Little Friend #14 just took up (semi)permanent residence at Indy Hall. Love it!

SLF #14 at Indy Hall


With the greatest of ease…


Squishy high fives and slimey lovehugs to the great people at Indy Hall!


Rachel and SPL #5 on the Move!

September 11, 2012

Spineless Little Friend #5 found a home…and a friend…with Rachel, a very enthusiastic and awesome supporter of this project. She took her new Friend on an epic journey, detailed in her own words and pictures below:

Found in 19196 – at 4:30am, I had a bad dream and went for a walk, finding #5 instantly made me feel better. 

Taken to 10003- stayed overnight and left from LGA


Flown to 80249- Denver Airport


Driven to 81235 – Lake City, CO


Made friends with a chipmunk!


Hiked up 14,048ft (Mt. Handie’s Peak, 81235)

“Passed on –

I have a sneaky suspicion that #5 should reach the west coast fairly soon! 😉 “

I love this sooooooooooooo much. Thank you, Rachel!




SPL #8 in Willingboro, PA 08046


Operatic superstar and new Jelly Mama Supermaren found SLF #8 and brought her/him/them to JERSEY! It’s the first jelly officially out of Philly. Tear. They grow up so fast…


August 24, 2012

Hello, friends (spineless and otherwise):

I’ve started a Twitter account to help spread the word about the projects, and hear your ideas about how we can keep this thing going!


Let’s be #squishyfriends. 

SLF #1 in New Home

August 22, 2012

SLF #1 in New Home

SLF #1 in Philadelphia, PA 19103

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you, Conrad!


Installation Day!

August 20, 2012

Today is the day!

I’m teaming up with my friend Conrad from the fan-flippin’-tastic blog Streets Dept to do a little pictorial of the installation of the first “wave” of Spineless Little Friends, set to start their migration from Center City today circa 7pm. I’m a little worried about the rain, so we’re going to release maybe 10-12 today, and then follow with the rest of the jellies over the next two weeks. 

Each jelly is going to have an ID tag with a QR code directing the “finder” to this blog, plus a number. That way, if someone finds a jelly, they can email with their area code plus the jelly’s number and we can “track” that particular jelly’s migration through the city…the country…the world!

I think the tags look pretty cute!


1. Find a jelly! Bring it home!
2. Email with jelly number and your zip code.
3. Love your new friend!
4. Someday…soon or distant…release your friend back into the world so it can float on!

I’m so excited!

Sea to Sea

August 15, 2012

Many years ago, when I was an art teacher with AmeriCorps, I created a large installation with my students, ranging in ages from 8-14, consisting of dozens of jellyfish created from recycled materials. Here are some photos from the original install:

The completed installation, with my jellies, students’ jellies, “seaweed” made out of yarn and a custom-built gallery section covered in Mylar!

Jelly Guts


Jelly Upskirt

Each student gave his/her/their jelly a Special Power.

Jelly Power!

I created screenprints from my photography for the installation.

I also custom-letterpressed the Opening Night invitations.

A much-younger Lansie basking in the sea…


Most of the jellyfish were returned to the students that created them, but many of those students had dropped out…or moved away…and we were unable to return them. Plus, I had personally made over 15 jellies.

I’ve carried them around with me for years, never knowing quite what to do with them, but not wanting to discard them either.

So I decided to share them.

If you found a jelly, please take it home, love it…and if you’re so inclined, snap a pic of your new spineless little friend and send it to along with your zip code.

I’ll post pics of the heartless little beings as they migrate their way into loving homes.

You know what would be really cool? If we could get one all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

That’s my goal. Just ONE PICTURE of a jelly in front of the great Pacific.

Once you are done living and loving your jelly, hang it somewhere else…near…far..send it to a friend!

Just like in the ocean, I want them to float on, drifting from place to place.